Heritage One was founded in 2012, when Charlie Gardemeyer partnered with a select group of industry leaders to form three new ventures:


Heritage One Door & Building Solutions, LLC

Heritage One Carpentry Inc.

Heritage One Window & Building Solutions, LLC

The Heritage One companies have experienced steady growth in size, depth of knowledge, and territory served.   Our employment base has grown almost three fold since 2012.  All the while, we have adhered to the highest standards for quality and service.
Charlie Gardemeyer sadly passed in 2016, but we continued to honor the fundamental principles he built this company on by using them as a road map for our success. We take pride in the fact that we've assembled a team of highly skilled employees, who represent the Heritage One name with integrity and impeccable work.  In addition to our valued staff, we've built strategic partnerships with top builders and suppliers who share our ideals and believe in the importance of delivering high quality products and service. In the future we plan to enhance our partnerships in order to better serve our valued customers, and continue raising the bar for excellence in our industry. 
The three operating companies have now been joined under one unified banner, Heritage One Door and Carpentry, LLC.  We will continue to provide high quality doors, windows, trim, hardware, and finish carpentry services to northern California.
Come let us show you what makes us the very best our industry has to offer. 

BMC | Heritage One

4300 Jetway Court, North Highlands, CA 95660